Bhutan Birds

Bhutan Bird Quest invites you to discover the Birds of Bhutan

Bhutan Bird Quest is the only tour company in Bhutan to exclusively specialize in birding tours. Whether you are an ornithologist, a naturalist, a casual birder, or a bird photographer, Bhutan Bird Quest has the ability to cater to all your birding interests.

Bring your binoculars and let Bhutan Bird Quest organize your bird watching tours to the Kingdom of Bhutan - where the White-bellied Heron feeds by the Pho-chu river; where the Black-necked Cranes spend their winters in the high mountain valleys scattered throughout central and eastern Bhutan, and where the Beautiful Nuthatch hides in the tall forest cover. With a high concentration of bird species in a relatively small country, the vibrant sounds and colours will dazzle your senses.

All our scheduled trips are exclusively designed to maximize the number of bird sightings during your trip. Our experienced guides, small groups, strategically located private lodges (to be constructed soon), and our Bhutanese charm will leave you longing to return to Bhutan again and again. Join a group or, if you are looking for an even more intimate holiday, ask for our private trips which will be designed and conducted specifically to cater to your individual desire.

While traveling with Bhutan Bird Quest, with any luck you will be able to meet the founder of Bhutan Bird Quest, Yeshey Dorji. Mr. Dorji is a renowned Bhutanese bird photographer in Asia. In 2008, he will be proud to release his first and eagerly anticipated book - “Bhutan Birds“, which will be published by You2 Publishing House.

The Birds of Bhutan await you!

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